Artist interview: Lioba Bruckner



Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Lioba Brückner and I’m an artist from Germany. It’s my birth name, which means “love” or “the loving one”. I live in the Ruhr Valley (Ruhrgebiet) together with my life partner who is an artist as well and with whom I share our atelier. I’ve studied at the academy of arts in Düsseldorf and received my degree in 2012.
Beside of painting what I do almost every day (I don’t do weekends) I love gardening and listening to Podcasts (TED talks, SuggestedDonationPodcast or John Dalton’s Podcast). I absolutely love to hear how other artists are working, what they love and how everyone is working they way around the difficulties of beeing an artist.
Beside of that, I’m a Walking Dead fan from the beginning, I love Animes like Death Note, One Punch Man or Erased, I was also a professional web developer (what is very helpful for me now) and I have a little dog, called Miu, who helps me with painting!

What inspires you the most?
I wouldn’t insist that there’s only one thing that inspires me the most. My art is influenced by a lot of things simultaneously like the art scene on Instagram, online art magazines like Beautiful Bizarre or Hi-Fructose or just a walk through the garden or encountering a beautiful girl on the street.


What is your favourite topic to paint?
It changes continuously over time. Something that alway comes back though is portraits of women, occasionally cute fantasy creatures, skulls, dinosaurs and of course, flowers. I love especially roses. I managed to stuff 12 different rose bushes in the backyard of the studio and the place in between is completely occupied by daylily bulbs.

At what age did you realise you were creative?
I can’t remember a time where I haven’t been creative. I always liked it more to draw and create than playing with other children when I was young. I guess this is still true today. wink emoticon


Do you have any advice for aspiring creators?
Yes I do. I even have a list of useful links and books about art business which I occasionally sent out to artists when they ask me.
But before doing any business, refining your skills and make the best art you can is the most important thing. Practice every day, whatever you do as an art form. Be open to positive criticism. Trying to become the very best in your field should be your main goal, and becoming better in everything else you do and as a person in general should be on your everyday schedule.
I also think that every (art) career has a portion of luck and a factor of randomness in it. For example, if you happen to meet a good mentor or teacher early in your life, it will have a huge positive impact on your whole career. On the other hand, when you are surrounded by negative, discouraging people, it will take so much longer for you to realize your dreams. Try to surround yourself always with the best people and leave the ones behind that are bad for you, even if it’s hard.


How would you describe your art style?
The motives I choose I consider to the new contemporary and pop surrealism scene. Like my very colorful portraits of women, skull and unicorn paintings. But I also paint occasionally flower paintings which are more traditional figurative.
My style is a vast combination of very different techniques. I start in a strong expressionistic manner with very loose brushstrokes. Then I pour greatly diluted oil paint or even pure Sansodor over my still wet painting and let it dry for a couple of days. Then I continue on working out the important areas like the face or hands, and other details. After that I apply thin layers of transparent oil color, washes and abstractions, let everything dry and add additional layers of details on important areas.
But because I discover so many new techniques and artists on Instagram, I can’t help but experiment with new styles from time to time.


Your painting technique is fantastic can you tell us about your tools and how long you have been painting for?

Thank you very much! I started learning to draw and paint seriously when I was 18 years old. It’s been 10 years since when I first met my life partner who could paint already incredible well and who I asked to teach me. Since then I’m painting almost every day.

For my oil paintings, I use oil colors from Schmincke Norma and Rembrandt, as a diluting agent Sansodor from Winsor & Newton and my brushes are mostly from Tosh. My palette is a simple white tile.
For my small paintings, I chose very fine structured portrait cotton canvas and for my large works I use regular canvas.
For my drawings, I use everything I can find and I love to experiment with glitters recently.


Just for fun if you were stuck on a desert island what three items would you bring?
A survival guide, a swiss knife and a medical kit. I’m a pragmatic person. smile emoticon

What would you say is most challenging about being an artist?
A lot of things can be challenging beeing an artist. For example, when I realize that my painting turned out crappy (maybe when I came out with a better composition in the meantime, or I experimented with a more harmonic color palette) but I have to meet a deadline and can’t start over.
Or if I put all my time and effort in one painting, it doesn’t sell and I can’t figure out why. That drives me crazy sometimes…
Artistic blocks can be challenging as well. They always occur when I’m not satisfied with a piece and I can’t work on it because It needs to dry first. I would rather wait 4 days to make it right than working on the other pieces which are always waiting to be finished for shows.
Because I would always think of this specific piece when I’m painting on the other ones. That drives me crazy, too!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.15.27

1What would be your dream artistic project?
I hope that within in the next two years I’ll be able to dedicate a whole year into one great solo show where I can work out every little detail perfectly and like I imagined it. I’d also love to make one really huge painting with a thousand details and a beautiful frame.
Beside of that, I have many ideas which are randomly emerging especially when it’s 2 am and I want to sleep.
On of these ideas would be a children’s book with short stories like Grimms’ fairytales but with a focus on values of our modern society like equal rights, multiculturalism, beeing open minded and skeptic at the same time, gay marriage, freedom of mind and religion and so on..) while inspiring the young readers with beautiful worlds of fairies, dinosaurs and other magical creatures.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.11.06

Do you have anything special/new projects coming up in 2016?
I have indeed exciting news to share: Beside of a lot of smaller group shows and art fairs this year, I’ll have my second big group show opportunity at the renown Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, a first group show participation at the renown Arch Enemy Arts in Philly in May and in I will be officially represented by of my favourite Galleries: Alexi Era Gallery in Mascoutah, Illinois.
The owner, the incredibly talented Aunia Khan is one of the strongest and most inspiring women I’ve ever met and had the pleasure to work with. I’m incredibly thankful that I found her. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us Lioba!

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