Artist interview: Nom Kinnear King

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I Grew up in the countryside of Norfolk, travelled for a while and have now settled back in Norwich, Norfolk with my husband Adam Oehlers who is also an artist, our daughter Nova and there is soon another little one about the studio.

mountains pathway nom

What inspires you the most?

Often an unusual old antique object or it is an animal that gets the cogs turning for a picture that and folklore and literature I have a tower of books building up I want to get lost in.

beetledame Nom

Can you tell us a bit about the women you draw? They all look like they have stories to tell.

I like for people to be free to make up their own story to them but I definitely have my own, I imagine the strange and isolated place they come from with its peculiar traditions and folklore. The Collection I am working on at the moment the characters are quite dark and eccentric but I hope with an ease about them.

At what age did you realise you were creative?

From a very young age I knew in primary school that’s what I wanted to do, I wasn’t at all academic but I loved anything that involved painting and making and had a lot of time left on my own to my imagination.

of the plains web

Do you have any advice for aspiring creators?

Just be true to what you love to create don’t do something for the sake of it. There are a lot of great resources out there to help new artists achieve all sorts of things and the new young artists probably understand how to use them far better than I do.

the night collector web

How would you describe your art style?

They are surreal in some ways and I like the term often used for writing, ‘Magic realism’- to me the magical elements are accepted into and part of the everyday in the world within my paintings.

Your work has a lovely soft dream like feel about it; can you tell us a bit about the tools you use?

I paint in Oils on wood, I use very soft small watercolour brushes, I don’t paint thickly I like everything to be smooth I blend with earbuds and maybe my finger. I like to use quite a soft palette at the moment with a sepia base but there are some brighter colours popping in here and there maybe it is now spring is coming.

voltaine in study

Just for fun if you were stuck on a desert island what three items would you bring?

I would bring my notebook, a pen and water would probably be a good idea, I could fish for food hopefully.

Do you have anything special/new projects coming up in 2016?

I have a solo show opening on the 18th of September at Imagine Gallery in Long Melford, Suffolk. as well as a nice mix of group shows with themes of Fairy tale, Tarot and surrealism dotted about the world.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and work with us nom!

To view more of noms work visit her at the following links:

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