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So I’m not going to lie, it is a challenge being both a mother and an artist but the good news is it’s not impossible! I think from my personal experience I would say that creating art around your babies routine is probably the best option. The times I find I draw the most are when my little one is having a nap during the day, sleeping at night and occasionally I’ll get to a bit of work done while she has a play in her baby gym. I think the key thing to remember when you have your baby is don’t give up and don’t loose heart. Also don’t feel bad if things don’t go smoothly or perfectly at first it will take time to find out what works for you and your baby ! Something to remember as well is all baby’s are different, some baby’s are happy to play independently and you will find you have more you time and others will want more attention. Like I said before the key  to success will be organisation and a solid routine. Most baby’s will eventually fall into there own little routine but just in case you can find some really fantastic baby routines and schedules on the baby centre website here

Also things that my baby absolutely loves are her baby mat and baby gym! The baby gyms are SO SO good for daytime playing and also gives you a bit of time to get a few bits done, this is usually a great time for me to package up orders, reply to emails and update my shop. Amazon have a really good selection of baby gyms (they can be found here)  ! They can be slightly pricey but its a great investment and honestly so worth it. If you will be trying to get a few pieces of work done while your baby is having a play make sure you talk to your baby and tell him or her what your up to and make them feel as though they are a part of it, they love this . Also as your baby gets older things like pre preparing meals and freezing them or stocking up on your little ones favourite meals at the start of the week can be a huge help as it prevents you from having to rush around during the week.

If you feel that creating work in the first few months is to much of a strain focus on selling prints of work you have already made ! Look into websites such as society6 and red bubble as they allow you to simply upload an image and then promote your products. This is a great way to stay in the loop but not put too much pressure on yourself to create new work.


(Artist Christina Ridgeway)

Here are some tips from some art mummys!

Relax those first few months and don’t stress yourself out about making art. But once your baby settles into some kind of routine try to find time to make art. Too many mothers just give up because it is really hard to divide your attention between your art baby and your real one. But art is like a muscle, you have to work it or it will atrophy. Try to at least sketch everyday if you can. Eventually your baby will be more independent and you will have more time, do what you can until then. The time will fly by, and you will have free art time again.Tammy Mae Moon 


I’ve found make use of the little moments to do an ideas sketch or reasearch something, pack a print etc. My little one who is two and a half is not at a place with independent play where I’d actually be able to paint, so I’ve always painted in nap time and when I’ve put her down for the night. It can be difficult if they are not a good sleeper but if you persevere and just pick up your pen or brush right away you see a picture appear and get a great feeling of accomplishment  you definitely get an increased knack for multitasking. – Nom Kinnear King


The first few months after having a baby, I think it’s completely natural and necessary to take a break if you can. Becoming a mother is a physically and mentally demanding time, and your body needs time to recover, and it takes a while to get into the routine ( or, the routine of no routine!) that a baby has! If you have the time and energy to quick jot down ideas and sketch, it will help you stay in practice and keep you sane by getting your ideas out- but if you feel like you can’t or don’t want to, that’s perfectly okay! When I had my daughter, for the first time I felt like I didn’t ” need” to be painting. I didn’t have the drive to, or feel compelled to like I usually do. But after a few months, that came back. My daughter is a year old now and I do most of my painting when she is napping ( when I’m lucky enough that she naps!) I don’t know that it ever get’s “easy” balancing being a mother and an artist, but eventually you find a groove that you are comfortable with. Being a mother is the most amazing thing in the world- you have to do what works for you and with parenting and art, that’s a process of trial and error. – Brittany Hanks 

Best bit for me is teaching your kids about how to see things, not just look and them but see them. I loved going out and about with my lot and looking at natural things like trees and having them discover differences and how they feel, all that stuff. Lesley D Mc kenzie


Lastly I hope you guys have found this helpful! Good luck to all you expecting mummys or new mamma’s!

If you want anymore tips or just feel like a chat feel free to email us at info@winterskinrose.co.uk

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