Markers marker markers where do we start? If your a newbie looking to get into colouring with markers it can be a bit daunting seeing the huge selection that’s available. When using markers there are a few things that have to be taken into consideration. First off what kind of look are you going for. Different kinds of markers offer different textures and overall appearances, some markers offer a smoother finish while some can give more of a jagged look. First of all there are 3 main brands of markers that people tend to use. We have copic markers, pro markers and Tria markers. They all offer something different. Below Im offering my personal experience from using all 3 types of markers.

Things to remember when using markers:

  • If you don’t want smudging use a waterproof fine liner.
  • If you don’t want smudging remember to erase all pencil lines first
  • Different paper will take the ink differently, there is actually paper specifically designed for marker use but its always good to experiment with different materials before deciding.



Copic Marker


Pro markers are really great to use. The quality of the marker has to be the best. They often come with a softer tip compared to the other types of markers and this can make blending a lot easier. It also reduces the appearance of colouring lines.


  • The tips are soft on the ciao and sketch markers, this makes blending a lot smother
  • Less lines when colouring
  • Feels like a good quality product
  • Just generally feel nice to use


  • They are expensive
  • They have dried out quite fast for me on a few occasions

Line test (source)



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Pro Marker


Pro Markers I would say are probably the best beginner marker and probably the favourite for most artists. Even though I love the luxury of a copic marker pro markers are what I always go back to! They come in a range of different colours. The colours on the packaging are also very true to the actual ink. Pro markers are a good beginner marker because the overall quality of the marker is great and they also are not going to break the bank! Most pro markers come with two different kinds of tips. They have the smaller fine tip and then they have the broad side. One of the things to point out with the pro markers is that the finer tip is made of a harder material. Not all markers have these harder tips, the copic sketch and ciao markers come with a much softer tip and this can make blending a lot easier.


  • Cheap
  • Good quality
  • Last for a good amount of time


  • Some would say harder to blend due to harder tip but basically no cons

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Tria Markers


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Tria markers are probably my least favourite out of the three types. I found that when I used these markers it almost felt asthough they were running out as I was using them (really fast) . They are however quite smooth to use and one nice thing about them is that the ink form the markers is a lot more translucent looking so you get a more washed out look. This can be nice if you want a piece of work to have a softer feel. Sadly some of my markers in this set dried out before I even got a chance to use them!


  • They appear more like watercolour and the ink is not that heavy
  • 3 different tip sizes


  • They dry out VERY easily even when not in use

If you have any questions regarding markers or other materials email below!

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