Press release 

This exhibition is created in a partnership with The You Rock Foundation. One in Four people have or will struggle from a diagnosable mental health struggle in their lifetime. There is an intense need for awareness of this difficult subject matter as an insight into the atypical release artists face as they express some of their deepest motivations, feelings and their own personal contact with the subject matter portrayed through their work. Each artist will work with a mental health disorder of choice based on personal experience or outside influences that have impacted their lives. Art is an invaluable, an incredible resource to educate people on mental health crisis we face worldwide and the stigmas unfortunately still attached to them. This exhibition hopes to bring hope, understanding and awareness to a very important topic.


All work is available to purchase here:

Artists included in the exhibition:

Gretchen Lewis

Adriana Whitney

Hikari Shimoda

Kelly McKernan

Anka Lavriv

Paul Chatem

Blaine Shatner

Lioba Bruckner

Encarni Diaz

Deborah Jackson

Ingrid Tusell

Inge Vandormael

Catherine Moore

Bella Harris

Anita Inverity



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